In today’s busy and hectic life we presume that beauty has faded away, we hardly give any attention to the little things around us .One of those little things that bring warmth to our lives is flowers.

Flowers are one of God’s most beautiful creations and their sight is a joy to behold. Mankind still has the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the warmth of its beauty and glory.


With its enormous colors both bright and dull, each little flower has a story to tell and a flower somehow manages to be a part of people’s lives either as a decorative piece or as oils and the really nice thing is that all of them are beautiful in their own way. Some convey about their affection and love while others tell about their charm and beauty.

We often send flowers to other people on different occasions but most of us don’t really appreciate its beauty or know what those flowers signify.

They come in different colours like pink, purple, white etc and sizes like small ones like the Wolfia to the big ones like Rafflesia and they come in different shapes too. Flowers can soothe a person and can be lovely gifts or ways of expressing love and is also a very useful commodity.

Flowers are the easiest way to show your feelings and emotions. When we see a beautiful flower, we feel happy. They are a simple and sincere way to lift our spirits up. The most beautiful flower can bring a smile to someone’s face, especially to people who have been sick or to those who have had a rough day. Cherry Blossoms, Roses, Oriental poppy, Tulip, White Lotus and Dahlia are supposed to be the most beautiful of them all.

Flowers are always a part of us. They are our companions in life as well as in death. They are a sign and symbol of love, sacrifice, regard, reverence, beauty and goodwill. Flowers adorn and enhance the beauty of our gardens, parks, temples, schools, offices and specially our homes. No human habitation is complete without flowers, they are a special surprise of bursting colour and fragrance.

It just fills the room with warmth and a feeling of love and being loved and just speaks to us in a million ways, through good times and bad. They have a way of saying “It’s all going to be okay.” Even the most famous poets found flowers as a topic because of its vast variations and beauty.

“I wandered like a lonely cloud [Daffodils]” by William Wordsworth is still his most widely read poem.

Have you ever walked into a flower garden? Have you taken the time to actually notice it, has it taken you by surprise. One day there would be big yellow flowers, a few weeks later some pretty roses and the everlasting smell of jasmine would just envelope us. It’s just that people no longer seem to have the time to stand and notice the beauty of flowers and thus never feel the warmth of it and how lovely they are.

Even in the lack of time in the lives of people today, flowers have remained and will always remain a part of people and there is no escape, because its beauty is overwhelming and no one can escape true beauty.